How much is the Natural-Beauty Photo Booth

The photo booth starts at $100 per hour. The longer you need it, the lower the it is.

1 - 2 hours $100 per hour  
3 - 5 hours $90 per hour 10% discount
6 - 9 hours $80 per hour 20% discount
10+ hours $75 per hour 25% discount

Additional Themes: $25 each

More than one theme can add to the fun of the photo booth. Once everyone has had their photo taken a couple times, they may not come back for a third or fourth time. But if it's a different theme with different props, it's like a whole new photo booth again!

Be careful not to have too many themes though. If you have a group of 100 people and try to change themes every hour, everybody might not be able to get through each theme with all of their friends. We can typically take up to 60 - 80 sets per hour.

Mileage Charge: $1 per one-way mile beyond 20 miles from Falls City, NE

If we are setting up the photo booth more than 25 miles from Falls City, we do charge $1 per one-way mile beyond 20 miles. For example, Nebraska City is 55 miles from Falls City, so there would be a $35 mileage charge to setup in Nebraska City.


Would you like a photo booth as part of a fundraiser? Check our Portraits for a Purpose page for details.